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Critical conversations in educational leadership

On 26th April I was lucky enough to share a platform and discussion space with teachers, researchers and academics discussing some critical issues and conversations in educational leadership at a BELMAS/BERA event at Newcastle University. Within half and hour it was clear that the concept of 'critical conversations' can be interpreted in a range of ways but largely… Continue reading Critical conversations in educational leadership


“Where do I start?” – Applying for your first post

As it's the time of year when requests for help on first teaching applications pop up on #ITTChat, I thought I'd sum up the advice I'm giving regularly as one of the resident lurking mentors. Keep a list of everything you've done/achieved - refer to it when you're looking for examples to support your claims Read the… Continue reading “Where do I start?” – Applying for your first post


Previous posts on Staffrm.io

Prior to opening this website, I have posted to Staffrm.io on a range of topics. The benefit of Staffrm is that, like Twitter, it's a collaborative space for testing ideas that don't have to be polished. It's great for digitally jotting down some ideas and reading what other people are exploring in their own classrooms. Previous posts… Continue reading Previous posts on Staffrm.io